G. Larry Engel

One mentor’s revealing quote about Larry Engel:

What makes Larry unique is that his creative strategies are developed from his decathlon player capabilities.  For example, he is one of the few elected by his elite peers to each of the American College of Bankruptcy, the International Insolvency Institute, and the American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers.  Having many multi-disciplinary specialties is not a cause for suspicion, but rather recognition that solutions to distress do not have traditional boundaries.

Larry learned from the best clients, the worst adversaries, and the most expert Big-Law and other collaborators

G. Larry Engel developed a national and international bankruptcy and restructuring practice with various specialties beyond his usual representation of secured and unsecured creditors, committees, and selected debtors in insolvency or distress, as well as foreign representatives or others in chapter 15 cases.  Among those specialties are distressed M&A, DIP and exit financing, the intersection of technologies / IP and bankruptcy, cross-border insolvency, failing hedge funds, financial institution insolvency, insurance insolvency, municipal and sovereign insolvency, complex structured finance and derivatives, as well as failed LBOs and distressed energy, utility, and real estate situations.  He is a pioneer in bankruptcy-proofing insolvency-sensitive transactions in many industries and other commercial tech services.

Mr. Engel’s U.S. and global clients include technology companies, banks and other financial institutions, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds, strategic or financial buyers of distressed assets, IP licensors or other collaborators, joint venturers or strategic allies with failing partners, etc., parties to derivatives and other situations involving extraordinary counterparty risk, ad hoc and official committees and other creditors and parties in interest, including foreign representatives or their adversaries in chapter 15 cases.

Representative Engagements

For your next case, you need a trouble-shooter eager to advance the strategies and tactical realities of your business.

Mr. Engel is now working on select projects as either or both a bankruptcy/restructuring lawyer and distressed-business consultant. He also serves on occasion as an independent director, chief restructuring lawyer, expert witness, bankruptcy examiner, creditor or other committee members or advisor, and in other roles where he can add strategic value.  Now that he has retired from his Big-Law practice, he avoids traditional categories in favor of whatever the project requires. With low overhead, he is even more cost-effective.

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